About Us

Pastor Raymond Suen studied  Architecture and practiced his profession for many years in Canada.  His wife, Rosablanca, is a professional teacher who specializes in teaching English as a Second Language.  She further pursued theological studies in Northwest Baptist Seminary and graduated from Ontario Tyndale Seminary.  In 1989, the couple returned to Hong Kong to further their training in Christian Gospel Disciples Church to serve full time in the pastoral ministry since.

Over the years, along side with their preaching teaching ministry, they have cultivated a deep interest in the Biblical significance of the culture, history, geography and archaeology of the Holy Lands.   They have made numerous exploration journeys to Israel, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan.

They are the editors of www.PassionForJesus.info, which is created to share their fruit of the Holy Land visits as well as their inspirations from the Bible.

Hope that you will enjoy the viewing and develop a Passion for Jesus, the Messiah.

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